We simplify the land development process in Perth and provide a cost-efficient, timely subdivision experience.


Our focus at Land Subdivision Perth is to simplify the land development process, thereby providing a cost efficient and timely experience for our clients. We understand that small infill land subdivisions in Perth are often completed by first time or inexperienced developers. Land Subdivision Perth therefore aim to educate our clients by providing a step-by-step guide from initial subdivision investigation surveys, through to your new Land Title Deeds.

We have all the required resources at our disposal to help you carry out the subdivision process including Surveyors, Drafters and Trade Referrals. Land Subdivision Perth have completed many successful and profitable subdivisions in Perth and would love to help you become part of our success story.

Land subdivision Perth.


The question of how much land subdivision services cost in Perth relates to:

    1. Size of the block of land to be subdivided in Perth.
    2. Red tape of your local government authority regulations.
    3. Difficulty of the subdivision job:
      1. Terrain
      2. Land slope
      3. Thick bush cover etc
    4. Travel distance from our subdivision office in Perth adds to costs
    5. Urgency.

To affordably subdivide land in Perth, contact us for a Perth land subdivision price quote from Perth’s best subdivision specialists. 


Green Title Subdivision

A Green Title or Freehold subdivision will create individual single house lots that are completely independent of each other. Green Title subdivisions need direct connection to utility services and for this reason can be a can be a costly exercise when compared to Survey Strata.

Survey Strata Subdivision

Survey Strata schemes allow you to create lots without the requirement of constructing or showing buildings on the final Survey plan. Survey Strata Plans often contain common property for the use of shared driveways and utility services, however they can also be very similar in appearance to Green Title Deposited Plans.

Built Strata Subdivision

Built Strata subdivision are a suitable option when a building development is already underway. Each lot on a Built Strata Plan can be composed of one or more parts (called part lots) and the parts can be defined by building areas and dimensioned land areas.

Survey Strata Conversion

Single tier Built Strata Schemes registered prior to 1st January 1998 have the option of being converted to a Survey Strata Scheme. The conversion process requires resolution from all Strata owner.

Feature and Contour Surveys

A Feature and Contour Survey is one of the first steps involved in the land planning and development process. These Surveys provide a complete map of the property including buildings, structures, utility services, kerbs, footpaths and levels.

Proposed Subdivision Plans

Our Surveyor will perform a Feature and Contour Survey and plot the proposed subdivision boundaries in plan format. The resulting plan will be suitable for all subdivision, building and development applications associated with the property.

Professional Land Subdivisions Perth

Professional and friendly subdivision consultation service, we utilise the latest technology and surveying systems.


“Excellent subdivision service from Ryan and his team at Land Subdivision Perth. They are very thorough. It's great they deal with all the paperwork. I would highly recommend Land Subdivision Perth.”
Stephen Dooley
“Great subdivision service and turnaround time for the survey. Ryan knows the LGA regulations and industry requirements. He has established working relationships with many premium Perth home builders who recommend him by name. Thanks for your service Land Subdivision Perth.”
Ryan Foster
“Ryan took on a difficult task subdividing an awkward block. He listened to the two parties involved and gave very good advice on how to proceed. He was a great communicator and I'm sure this is one reason things went so smoothly. He was reliable, completing each step thoroughly and professionally. Both parties were very happy with the outcome. It was a pleasure working with Land Subdivision Perth.”
John Mcmaugh
“Fantastic subdivision service. Seamless process thanks to Ryan and the team at Land Subdivision Perth on our future rear block design. Will certainly be using them in the future.”
Chris Fielding
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