Battle-Axe Subdivisions Perth

Land subdivision Perth.

New Affordable Battle Axe Subdivision Services in Perth.

Affordable new battle axe subdivision services in Perth by Perth’s best land subdivision expert keep more property development profits with you rather than property developers who hire surveyors like me, plus charge a fee for their profit.

A battle-axe subdivision in Perth is a development where at least one lot is located behind another and is accessed by a driveway alongside a street front lot. Although the driveway can be used by multiple lots through easements, it cannot be shown on the plan as common property. This type of subdivision is often difficult to achieve as it has minimum requirements for total lot area and useable/effective space (excluding the side access driveway). Land Subdivision Perth can do a feasibility study on your property to determine if a battle-axe subdivision is possible.


The answer to this question of battle axe subdivision pricing in Perth relates to:

  1. Size of the block of land to be converted into a Perth battle axe block.
  2. The difficulty of the subdivision job includes:
    1. Size of the block of the Perth land to be turned into a battle axe block.
    2. The terrain slope, thick bush cover etc.
  3. Distance from our Perth office.
  4. Red tape of your local government authority where the battle axe block application is to be submitted.
  5. Urgency.

 If you send us the address, or coordinates of the land you want converted into a battle axe block, we can give you an estimated quote on the conversion of your land in to a battle axe block.

We’ll do everything starting with the battle axe block consultation/information session right through to you ending up with a new land title deed for your battle axe block from Landgate.

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