Built Strata Subdivision

A Built Strata subdivision is the original form of Strata Scheme where at least one building must be shown on the Strata Plan. Prior to 1995 this was the only form of Strata Scheme that was available to developers and landowners. Each lot on a Built Strata Plan can be composed of one or more parts (called part lots) and the parts can be defined by building areas and dimensioned land areas. Built Strata subdivisions are the only subdivision option for apartments where one lot resides above another (known as a multiple dwelling development).

The part lots on a Built Strata Plan are defined vertically by setting a height limit (stratum) from the buildings and fixed surfaces within the Strata Scheme. The advantage of performing a Built Strata subdivision is that in most cases, there is no requirement to submit a subdivision application (Form 1A) to the WA Planning Commission.

The Built Strata process involves measurement of the as-constructed building location by a Licensed Surveyor and preparation of a Strata Plan. For developments of 1-5 lots a private Building Certifier is to supply a Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18), which is attached to the subdivision application documents. The Licensed Surveyor then lodges an Application For Building Approval Certificate (BA13) with the Local Government / Shire, who provide a Building Approval Certificate (BA14) within 10-15 business days. For developments of 6 or more lots the process is very similar, however the Surveyor is to lodge a Form 15A – Certificate of Approval of a Strata Plan. After subdivision approval the Licensed Surveyor lodges the Strata Plan and documents at Landgate and the plan is placed In Order For Dealings (IOFD). Following IOFD the Strata Titles can be registered by a Conveyancer or Settlement Agent.  

Land Subdivision Perth provides a complete land development service for Built Strata subdivisions. We will guide you through the best and most cost-efficient process to obtain Strata Titles.

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