2 Lot Green Title Subdivision – 91 Buntine Road, Wembley Downs

Green Title Subdivision – City of Stirling

This subdivision ran smoothly and was completed within a quick timeframe of 6 months. Land Subdivision Perth offered full project management of the subdivision, from initial Surveying and site works through to registered land Titles. The original block was sloping from left to right, however retaining was not required as a subdivision condition. 

We advised the owners that a retaining wall should be placed on the dividing boundary to present the blocks in a way that would attract more buyers. As a result, one of the blocks was sold prior to Titles being issued at a peak price $20,000 above the advertised amount. Some of the approximate costs involved in the subdivision were as follows:

  1. Surveying and statutory fees: $11000
  2. Project management fees: $5000
  3. Site demolition fees: $20000
  4. Western Power fees: $3500
  5. Water Corporation Headworks and sewer cut fees: $8000
  6. NBN fees: $1500
  7. Plumber’s fees for new sewer connection $2000
  8. Drafters fees for preparation and lodgement of retaining wall plans, including council building permit $1400
  9. Earthworks and retaining wall construction $12000
  10. Titles application fees $600
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