2 Lot Survey-Strata – 23 Dorchester Avenue, Warwick​

Case Study 2) 2 Lot Survey-Strata – 23 Dorchester Avenue, Warwick

The owner of this property constructed a new dwelling, then engaged our services to assist with a 2 lot Survey Strata subdivision. The new dwelling had its own garage with street front access, however due to minimum lot size requirements for R40 zoning a battle-axe subdivision was not possible.

 We assisted the owner in engaging a Strata Consultant to prepare a By-Law allowing exclusive use of the common property driveway to the rear lot. This allowed the Survey Strata scheme to function in similar way to a battle-axe style development without common property. As a result, the owner was able to market and sell the vacant lot more efficiently. Land Subdivision Perth assisted with the Surveying and applications. The owner chose to project manage the subdivision works and organise all the trades to complete the subdivision conditions. Some of the approximate costs involved in the subdivision were as follows:

  1. Surveying and statutory fees: $11000
  2. Western Power fees: $3500
  3. Water Corporation Headworks fees: $7500
  4. NBN fees: $1500
  5. Electrician’s fees for switchboard, house re-connection and run-in conduits $3000 (by owner)
  6. Plumber’s fees for minor sewer connections, re-alignment and water $5000 (by owner)
  7. New 4m² storage shed for existing house lot $750 (by owner)
  8. Strata consultants fees for By-Laws $600 (by owner)
  9. Titles application fees $650 (by owner)


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