Project Management​

Project Management​ Land Subdivision Perth can provide varying levels of project management to suit your project requirements. For the more experienced developers we are happy to provide the minimal Surveying services and allow you to control the management process yourself. For first time and less experienced developers we can guide you through the whole process […]

Proposed Subdivision Plans

Proposed Subdivision Plans A proposed subdivision plan is required to accompany the Form 1A subdivision application to the WA Planning Commission. Our Surveyor will perform a Feature and Contour Survey of the property to map the buildings, structures, utility services, kerbs, footpaths and levels. Our Project Manager and Drafter will use the information on the […]

Feature and Contour Surveys

Feature and Contour Surveys A Feature and Contour Survey is one of the first steps involved in the land planning and development process. These Surveys are also commonly known as Topographic Surveys, Contour Surveys or Site Surveys. Feature and Contour Surveys provide a complete map of the property including buildings, structures, utility services, kerbs, footpaths […]

Survey Strata Conversion

Survey Strata Conversion Single tier Built Strata Schemes registered prior to 1st January 1998 have the option of being converted to a Survey Strata Scheme. The conversion process requires unanimous consent from all Strata owners and registered proprietors. The advantage of Survey Strata Conversions is they do not require approval from the WA Planning Commission […]

Green Title Subdivision

A Green Title or Freehold subdivision will create individual single house lots that are completely independent of each other. The majority of residential Green Title subdivisions in Perth must have direct access to the Minster’s sewer and water lines. The minor service or private plumbing lines that connect to the future house must not cross […]

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