Feature and Contour Surveys

A Feature and Contour Survey is one of the first steps involved in the land planning and development process. These Surveys are also commonly known as Topographic Surveys, Contour Surveys or Site Surveys. Feature and Contour Surveys provide a complete map of the property including buildings, structures, utility services, kerbs, footpaths and levels. The Surveyor will also leave a datum nail on the property and this will provide a reference point for which all heights on the Survey Plan can be referred to. A Feature and Contour Survey Plan is an important design tool used by Builders, Drafters, Architects, Engineers and Land Developers and will usually be a Local Government requirement to obtain a Development Approval or Building License. Feature and Contour Surveys are also required by the WA Planning Commission and form part of the Proposed Subdivision Plan lodged with the Form 1A application. Land Subdivision Perth can advise you on the level of Feature and Contour detail that may be required for your subdivision project.

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