R-CODES explained with R25 example

R-CODES explained with R25 example

The term R-Code is an abbreviation for Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, which have been prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission. These codes provide the basis for controlling the design and minimum site requirements for land developments across WA.  Generally, low R-Code numbers relate to low-density developments such as rural suburbs, whereas high R-Code numbers relate to high-density developments such as inner-city suburbs.  To assess the subdivision potential of the property the first step is to find out the R-Code. Using the R25 zoning code as an example in the attached RCODE table the following criteria must be met:

Column 1) R-Code = R25

Column 3): Minimum lot size 300m² and average lot size 350m². This means for a 2-lot subdivision the original property must be 2 x 350m² = 700m². Any lot within that subdivision can be as low as 300m². Therefore, a 2-lot subdivision of a 700m² block with common property could have 2 lots at 300m² and one common property area (known as CP3) at 100m². WAPC has discretionary powers to allow a 5% variation on these figures and that will be explained in the next section.

Column 4): Minimum lot area / rear battle-axe = 425m². A battle-axe is a rear lot accessed by a driveway without common property. 80% of the minimum 425m² area must be composed of the useable/effective area at the rear (excludes the driveway). For the R25 code, this effective area equals 340m².

Column 5): Minimum frontage = 8m. This applies to the minimum width of each lot for a side-by-side subdivision. It is possible to have lots with less than 8m frontages in the case where the property is wider at the rear.  

Column 6); Minimum open space of 30m² for R25. The allocated space applies to properties with a house and the area must be minimum width or length of 4 meters. The area must also be accessed from a liveable space in the house. (eg not a doorway to a laundry or bedroom).

It is not mentioned in the attached R-Codes summary table but established properties with common property must also have a 4m² storage shed with minimum length/width of 1.5 meters.   


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