Survey Strata Subdivisions

An amendment to the Strata Titles Act in 1995 has brought about a newer type of Strata scheme known as Survey Strata. Survey Strata schemes allow you to create lots without the requirement of constructing or showing buildings on the final Survey plan. Survey Strata Plans often contain common property for the use of shared driveways, utility service areas or shared letterboxes.

Survey Strata Plans can be very similar in appearance to Deposited Plans (Green Title Subdivision) as they contain total areas and boundary dimensions for each lot within the subdivision. The resulting Survey Strata lots can be sold or developed with or without the construction of new dwellings and therefore may present a more attractive option to would be developers. Survey Strata subdivisions do not require direct access to the Minster’s sewer and water main. The minor service or private plumbing lines that connect to the future house are permitted to cross from one Survey Strata lot to another. For this reason, Survey Strata subdivisions can provide a cost-effective option for would be developers.

The Survey Strata subdivision process involves lodging a Form 1A subdivision application to the WA Planning Commission (WAPC). WAPC will refer the application to the local shire / council and service authorities such as Water Corporation, Western Power, Main Roads and the Department of Environment & Water. Following recommendations by these authorities WAPC will issue a determination of the subdivision within a 90-day statutory period. In the case of conditional approval WAPC will allow 3 years for completion of subdivision conditions before the application expires. Most small infill Survey Strata subdivisions can be completed in a period of 7-10 months.

Land Subdivision Perth provides a complete land development service for Survey Strata subdivisions. We can provide initial cost estimates, feasibility studies, proposed subdivision plan, lodging of subdivision applications, applying for service agreements with the relevant authorities, pegging the boundaries, producing the Landgate Survey Strata Plan, seeking authority clearances for subdivision conditions and lodging the final Form 1C at WAPC.

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