Utility services for Survey Strata Subdivisions

Utility Services for Survey Strata Subdivisions

Developers have an obligation to their buyers to install utility services during the subdivision process. For urban infill developments this can include water, sewer, power and NBN. Although gas is not a requirement, the developer should consider how the subdivision lots will access this service in the future. Survey Strata subdivisions require careful planning to ensure that all service run-in lines have been installed during the development process. Survey Strata subdivisions can have shared utility services and it is possible that the run-in lines cross from one property to access another. These service lines will have implied easements and the developer has an obligation to their buyer to provide a record of all utility services installed. If the services and run-in lines are not installed during the subdivision process this can result in complications for future property owners. For example, a 2 lot subdivision required access to a shared sewer connection and power pillar but the run-in lines were not installed during the subdivision process. The owner of Lot 1 builds a driveway and landscaping over the area where the shared service run-in line should have been installed. Lot 2 builds 3 years later and cannot access the sewer and power services without damaging the Lot 1 owners’ driveway and landscaping. Land Subdivision Perth provides a full utility service plan as part of our subdivision feasibility study.

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