Corner block subdivisions

Corner Block Subdivisions Perth

A corner block subdivision is a development with frontage to at least 2 separate streets. The R-Codes have minimum requirements for lot width and area for corner lot subdivisions. Recent changes by the Western Australian government’s WAPC (Development Control Policy 2.2) have enabled all lots to be subdivided with the minimum lot size. This applies to properties with R-Codes R10 to R35. For example, the R20 zoning code has a minimum lot size of 350m² and an average lot size of 450m². Previous to DC 2.2, corner lots at R20 would need a total area of 900m² (not taking into account 5% variation rule). The current DC 2.2 allows R20 development blocks to be a minimum of 700m² with both sublots being created at the 350m² minimum. Land Subdivision Perth can do a feasibility study on your property to determine if a corner lot subdivision is possible.

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