Survey Strata Conversion

Single-tier Built Strata Schemes registered prior to 1st January 1998 have the option of being converted to a Survey Strata Scheme. The conversion process requires unanimous consent from all Strata owners and registered proprietors. The advantage of Survey Strata Conversions is they do not require approval from the WA Planning Commission or Local Government. However, the main restriction of a Survey Strata conversion is that any boundary shown on the original Built Strata Plan must be transferred and shown on the converted Survey Strata Plan.  The common property on the original Built Strata Plan can be distributed into future Survey Strata lots as agreed by the Strata Scheme owners.  

Land Subdivision Perth provides a complete Surveying and Consultancy service for Survey Strata Conversions. This includes but is not limited to boundary pegging, production of converted Survey Strata Plan, Arranging Schedule of Unit Entitlement from a Licensed Valuer (Form 3), Strata meeting to organize unanimous consent from all Strata Scheme owners, arranging Mortgagees consent, arranging the Stamp Duty Certificates from the Department of Finance and lodgement of all executed documents to Landgate. 

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