An up-to-date guide to help Perth land owners follow Western Australian government land subdivision regulations and processes to subdivide Perth blocks of land.  We simplify the land development process in Perth and provide a cost-efficient, timely subdivision experience.

Subdivisions Type & Comparisons

The most common types of subdivisions in Perth are Green Title, Survey Strata or Built Strata. Land Subdivision Perth will help you decide which type of subdivision is best suited to your project.

Why Subdivide?

Land Subdivision can be a rewarding experience for those willing to take the plunge. Unlocking the true development potential of your property can maximise your profits and generate high percentage returns on your investment

R-CODES explained with R25 example

The R-Codes provide the basis for controlling the design and minimum site requirements for land developments in Perth. For land subdivision this can include lot frontage, building setback distances ,total site area and minimum lot areas.

The 5% variation rule

The 5% variation rule is a powerful tool available for developers to maximise the potential and lot yield for the property. The rule can be applied to the average lot size within the subdivision.

Battle-Axe subdivisions

A battle-axe subdivision is a development where at least one lot is located behind another and is accessed by a driveway alongside a street front lot.

Side-by-side subdivisions

A side-by-side subdivision is a development where all lots have direct street frontage. The R-Codes have minimum requirements for lot width and area for side-by-side subdivisions.

Corner block subdivisions

A corner block subdivision is a development with frontage to at least 2 separate streets. The R-Codes have minimum requirements for lot width and area for corner lot subdivisions.

Utility services for Survey Strata Subdivisions

Developers have an obligation to their buyers to install utility services during the subdivision process. For urban infill developments this can include water, sewer, power and NBN. 

Subdivision resources and useful links

Here are some of resources and useful links.

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