Survey Strata Subdivision, City of Wanneroo

Survey Strata Subdivision, Landsdale

This subdivision was fairly complex with many layers of work involved and was completed within a timeframe of 12 months. The owners were fortunate to have the 8 blocks on the market when the 2019/2020 building grants were introduced and as a result netted a $300000 profit on the project. 

Land Subdivision Perth offered full project management of the subdivision, from initial Surveying and site works through to registered land Titles. Some of the approximate costs involved in the subdivision were as follows:

  1. Surveying and statutory fees: $15000
  2. Project management fees: $10000
  3. Site demolition fees: $25000
  4. Western Power fees: $12000
  5. Water Corporation Headworks fees: $52000
  6. NBN fees: $4000
  7. Plumber’s fees for new sewer connections and re-alignment $5000
  8. Electrician’s fees for site main switchboard and pre-lay of conduits $5000
  9. Drafters fees for preparation and lodgement of retaining wall plans, including council DA and building permit $2000
  10. Earthworks and retaining wall construction $45000
  11. Titles application fees $800
  12. City of Wanneroo Public Open Space fee: $90000
  13. Re-location of verge trees $5000


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